Year 2017

Creation of the international Crigler-Najjar day at the initiative of the French Association of Crigler-Najjar (AFCN).

Participation of 17 countries on social networks:

France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, Poland, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Chile, Argentina.

Other actions

 Creation and dissemination of posters
 Creation of a pen with crigler-najjar website on it
 selling of CN goodies
 Actions of dissimination of information in schools (Fr, BE )

A big thank you to the patients, families, friends, colleagues, companies, shops, schools, VIPs, musicians, researchers, … who participated in the diffusion of this first edition of CriglerNajjarDay.

material of communication and dissemination of information

Informative poster on the Crigler-Najjar day

In French
In English

Informative Posters on the disease

Movie made with pictures received