Year 2018


This year CN families, friends, colleagues, companies, shops, schools from FR, BE, NL, sports clubs, hospitals, researchers, clinicians etc… from 21 countries (France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, Poland, Israel, Lebanon , Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Egypt, Usa) sent us their pictures in yellow and blue.
We relayed them on Facebook and twitter.

To note: the exceptional participation of the partners of the CureCN gene therapy project, that we particularly appreciated.

Many people around the world have also informed about the event by changing their profile picture and / or facebook banner to those created for the occasion.
The various posts to inform about the disease were very well relayed and shared thanks to your great mobilization.
Thanks to this day, new families around the world have found us and have thus been able to break their isolation, share with others, and receive informations on the disease and the progress of research.
A big thank you to you all for your support and mobilisation!