Crigler-Najjar Day 2024

This year is the 8th edition of Crigler-Najjar Day!

You have been very numerous around the world to participate to the first 7 editions. We hope you will be even more numerous this year !

If you are affected by Crigler-Najjar syndrom or want to help us raising awareness and support patients, you can participate by:

  • sharing on social networks the documents (banners, videos, posters, websites, etc.) made available to you.
    See page “material to download
    You can, for example, change your profile picture (Facebook) to that of Crigler-Najjar Day
  • posting on your social networks, like the previous years, your creations in yellow and blue (FaceBook profile photo, selfies, drawings, collages, photos, videos, songs, texts, etc…)
  • sharing your story “my life with Crigler-Najjar”
    This year, the focus will be put on your testimonials. We suggest that you show your daily life with Crigler-Najjar disease via a short video, or a photo montage or a short text or anythink else you want, in order to raise awareness and inform better the general public and the medical world about the disease and its drawbacks.
    You can already start sending us your testimonials by email to or via the contact page and we will publish them (anomymouly or not) for you on the facebook page of the association during the week of Crigler-Najjar Day.
  • organizing a solidarity or awareness event
    If despite the pandemic due to covid-19, it is possible for you to organize an event for the Crigler-Najjar Day in compliance with the barrier measures, contact us beforehand to inform us and your event will be announced in the program and then published and archived on the website

MOBILIZE YOURSELF and mobilize your entourage, your friends, your co-workers, your company, your sports clubs, your schools, VIPs, celebrities of the showbusiness etc …
A message from a celebrity would be top!

Together let’s do the BUZZ to make our disease even better known!
Make the hashtag #CriglerNajjarDay go AROUND THE WORLD!

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