Year 2019

3rd edition of the CriglerNajjarDay!

You have been even more numerous this year around the world to participate and we thank you very much. New countries, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia and Morocco joined us this year. So 26 countries participated this year.

Communication visuals were created:

Banner Twitter (EN)
Photo profil Facebook (FR-EN-IT-NL)
Banner Facebook (EN)

Events worldwide were organized :

A special facebook event where everyone could post their contribution in yellow and blue.

We made a video of it :

– Carling (Moselle): The bar the artist
The Bar l’ Artist supports the Crigler-Najjar Day. On June 21st in Carling (France), the Bar holds a stage on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique. The scene will be decorated in the colors of the day and the disease. The singer Sly will sing for all the Crigler-Najjar patients . People from the french Crigler-Najjar association will be present to explain the disease and invite the audience to participate in the event on social networks.
See musical program

– Forbach:
june 21: the school Ensemble St Joseph La Providence will be all in yellow and blue to celebrate Crigler-Najjar Day

From june 17 to june 21 : Vanessa Schoëndorf secretary of AFCN will make interventions in many classes of the school to raise awareness and inform about Crigler-Najjar Syndrome

-Cocheren: On june 24 the school Ecole des Frères Lerond will be all in yellow and blue to support Elena (CN1) and all the Crigler-Najjar of the world .

Release of a video made at the initiative of the 3 Crigler-Najjar patients associations ( AFCN, CIAMI and DNF) to inform about the disease and CureCN project

Berlaar: On june 21 Basisschool De Lotusbloem will be all in yellow and blue to support Elynn (CN1) and all the CN of the world

Creation of a private Facebook group: Crigler Najjar Syndrme – Pakistan

Creation of a video by a family to raise awareness about CNS in Brazil
video released and shared on facebook