Visuals to download

You can help us to raise awareness about Crigler-Najjar syndom at the occasion of Crigler-Najjar Day.
Here are some visuals you can download and share for Crigler-Najjar Day 2021.

For social media #CriglerNajjarDay

Profile picture

Profile picture Frame
World Crigler-Najjar Day 2021
I add this frame

Facebook banner
Twitter banner

You can also modify these visuals according to your own language and country.
You can also create your own visuals but please respect the graphic chart, yellow an blue colors and don’t forget to indicate the hashtag #CriglerNajjarDay on all your visuals.

Posters that you can share or adapt to your country and language

Websites of Crigler-Najjar patient organisations

European CureCN project website


CureCN Kick off meeting

CureCN first progress meeting

Promotion of CureCN – animated clip

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