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  • The French association of Crigler-Najjar (AFCN) organizes during the month of June, a series of web meetings (information, exchanges) for CN patients and families around the world :
    – June 1: in French for the Crigler-Najjar of the Maghreb with the assistance of a person in Arabic – see program
    – June 21 at 2:30 p.m. (Paris time): in English – see program
    – dates still to be defined for other web meetings for the rest of the world in English and perhaps other languages
  • Benfeld (France – 67): to open the Crigler-Najjar Day, Miray, Kaan and Cihan will present a musical moment to you. Dressed in yellow and blue, they will play saz (Turkish guitar) and sing along to wish a Happy Crigler-Najjar Day to all CN families around the world.
  • June 21: Elena, young Crigler-Najjar patient, and her aunt Vanessa, will tell a story in yellow and blue (petit-bleu et petit-jaune by Léo Lionni) and talk about Crigler-Najjar Day.
    The Channel TV8 Moselle-Est will broadcast this recontine on June 16 from 18:30 to announce World Crigler-Najjar, it will then be broadcast on the TV8 Moselle-Est Facebook page and on the AFCN Facebook page
  • June 24 : the school Joseph Pascal – Pourrières (france) will be in yellow and blue to support the CN patients. An information stand will be held by our secretary Marina. Summer games and sale of yellow and bleu cakes.
  • A photomontage or video will be made with in yellow and blue photos of the families of the AFCN.
  • From 20 to 30 june : post of your contributions in yellow and blue on the FB page of the French Crigler-Najjar association.


Italian Association Ciami
Publication of an article on the Fondazione – Thelethon Facebook page on the occasion of Crigler-Najjar Day on June 21st.
See the article


Berlaar: On june 21 Basisschool De Lotusbloem will be all in yellow and blue to support Elynn (CN1) and all the CN of the world.


June 26 at 4:00 p.m. (Santiago time): web meeting in Spanish organized by the Crigler-Najjar Latino-América group with possible presence of representatives of the AFCN, CIAMI, DNF

Other events will be announced as and when.

Stay tuned for updates..

If you are thinking of organizing an event, let us know by writing to contact and we will announce it here.


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